Recent Works

Master at Work

13.5” x 19”   |   January 2023

 31st Annual CPSA International
Juror — Jerry N. Smith, Chief Curator and Director of Education at The Dayton Art Institute in Dayton, OH




Afternoon Refreshments

12” x 9.5”   |   April 2023






Soldering day, apprentice at work, until it’s perfect

13.5” x 19”   |   March 2022


30th Annual CPSA International
Juror — Christine Renc-Carter, curator
at the Leepa-Rattner Museum of Art
in Tarpon Springs, Florida





13.5” x 19”   |   April 2021

29th Annual CPSA International
Juror — Dr. Julie Aronson, Curator of American Paintings, Sculpture and Drawings
at the Cincinnati Art Museum

1st Place Advanced Division
Color Magazine 22nd Annual Member Show






24” x 12”     |     January 2021     |     FINALIST in the Strokes of Genius 13, Best of Drawing Magazine

It has been a love hate relationship with this piece. So many things went wrong along the way but in the end I am very proud of how it turned out. I did this piece for a national portrait competition. I took the reference photo in front of one of the many murals on and around State Street in Madison that were painted after the George Floyd protests last spring. I wanted to do a piece that shows a slice of history taking place all around us. I was originally not a fan of the bright yellow on the left side compared to the really dark colors on the right side of the drawing. But after some thought, I view those bright colors as our hope out of the darkness of our past.

My Life Matters

13.5” x 19”   |   October 2020


13.5” x 19”   |   April 2020

Best Friends

13.5” x 11”   |   May 2020

I participated in Portrait for NHS Heroes in the United Kingdom, which was started by portrait artist Tom Croft as a way to say thank you to all the everyday heroes risking their lives to care for COVID-19 patients. I felt truly honored to do a portrait of two best friends who work together as paramedics and shipped the original piece, “Best Friends” to the UK. It made it there without any damage and they loved it!


The duo’s quote for the online exhibit was extremely touching: “Myself and my crewmate have been swept away by this portrait; the artist has captured the two of us beyond belief. The portrait is a lasting memory of a pinnacle moment in our career and also symbolizes the constant support the two of us give each other.”

Evening Reflection

13.5” x 19”   |   April 2020

28th Annual CPSA International
Exhibition.  Juror, Chris Valle, Chair/Professor, 
Art and Design, University of Tampa


13.5” x 19”   |   April 2019
Photo Reference: Wilson Freeman

True Love

18” x 26”   |   April 2018

Ensign, 4th Mass Regt.

12” x 18”  |   October 2016

Let’s Start Something new

As a realistic portrait artist, I enjoy drawing subjects that capture moments in time, both modern and historical – providing families a drawing they will cherish for generations to come. Contact me if you are interested in commissioning a one-of-a-kind piece of artwork that captures your special moments, now and then.